What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are scientific studies that try to answer important healthcare questions.  In Oncology, clinical trials are used to discover better and faster ways to treat and cure cancer.  These studies are designed, reviewed and continually evaluated for participant's protection over the life of the trial.

There are 3 phases of cancer clinical trials. Phase I trials look at how an agent (drug) affects humans and what dose (amount of drug) is safe.  Phase II trials determine an agent's effectiveness on the cancer. Phase III trials compare their results to already proven helfpul standard treatments.   

NHOH and Clinical Research   

NHOH has been active in clinical research since the early 1980's.  Our research department presently has many clinical trials for enrollment for most types of cancer.  We currently have thousands of patients enrolled in our clinical trials database.  NHOH workscollaboratively with regional cancer centers and national oncology research groups.  Please speak with your NHOH provider about any open clinical trials, or contact the Research Department at NHOH for more information about our program.